Can I choose to have my vehicle repaired in Oberon at Oberon Smash Repairs ? 

Yes, Oberon Smash Repairs is able to repair your vehicle in Oberon.  When speaking with your insurance company you can advise them that this is your preference.  Should you require assistance, need clarification or have any questions please contact our team on 02 6336 1218.

Who do I pay my excess to? 

In most cases, you will pay your excess to Oberon Smash Repairs upon completion of the repairs to your vehicle.  Unless otherwise stated by your insurance company.

How can I pay for my excess? 

Oberon Smash Repairs accepts the following payment methods: 

  • Electronic Funds Transfer

  • Visa, Mastercard including Visa/Mastercard Debit 


Can you tow my car? 

We do not operate a tow truck.  Contact us on 02 6336 1218 for the number/s of local services.